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vegasloungeI am a journalist and current staff writer at the New Haven Register, where I am on the education beat. Formerly, I was with The Middletown Press and The Palladium-Times.


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  1. Tanay Moore permalink

    It has been brought to my attention that Creed Highschool is being targeted as a school for closure. I am an alumna of this great institution, formerly known as Hyde.
    Since then, I have earned my bachelors and Masters and currently work as an Analyst for the Federal Office of Management and Budget.

    I would love to speak with someone about how attending Hyde has absolutely changed my life.

    I do feel that if I and others can get our stories heard we can make a difference, and Creed will be around for the long haul. Since I have graduated, I hear stories every other year about threats of its closure. I think it’s time to create more stability for future generations.

    My approach would be to tell my story (keep it very minimal), and focus on solutions such as social impact bonds, donors; etc to keep the doors open.

    I am hoping that you are willing to share my story and others like myself to keep the doors of Creed open.

    P.S. I currently have a younger sister who is in attendance as a junior. It’s on my conscious if she is stripped of opportunities if Creed were to disappear.

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